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Windows 7

Windows 7


As a result, your device reboots itself automatically. In this case, you may need to change the Choose What the Power buttons do option. Among the notorious causes of the problem, you’re experiencing have something to do with the Windows fast startup settings. However, some elements like malware and junk files may also trigger the problem. In addition, you can also check whether the issue is caused by the Wake On LAN feature.

  • The slightest vibration on the mouse will turn the pc back on.
  • You should put your Windows seven disc in and try to do a boot sector repair.
  • You can read my previous post on how to boot Windows into Safe Mode.
  • If external works fine and the problem appears only on the laptop screen, I would try replacing the screen.
  • To open Task Manager, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, click “File,” and choose “Run new task” from the drop-down menu.

In order to get video on internal or external screen you have to have good motherboard, CPU and memory. If replacing memory doesn’t help, probably you have bad mobo. Sometimes I have to open or close it more, sometimes I can just mash around a little on the screen.

New Hardware

More likely is a failing power-supply inside the monitor, or a failing video-adapter inside your computer. If you still have the symptoms, then your monitor is fine, and the problem is “inside” your computer. When you feel the device vibrate, release ONLY the Power button. Press & hold the Power/Bixby button until the phone shuts down completely.

Why Is My Iphone Working But The Screen Is Black?

You’re going to have to research your issue and find out what’s causing it. I have been struggling with it and had reinstalled it 3-4 times till I thought to look for a solution online. And Bingo, this is the first solution I found and worked like a charm. It appears that your issue is unrelated to the issue covered in this post. In your case, it sounds like the Linux kernel and initial ramdisk are having trouble mounting your root fs .

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